Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Dolls House and dress ups

  My mum made my DD1 a dolls house for christmas, and we have been playing with it off and on for the last few months.  But DD really hasn't had much idea how to play with it.  So today I sat down and modelled playing with it. We put it together, made up the rooms and then I played with the dolls and gave them actions and made the talk.  After that I left her to play and I found her play with the doll house and the dolls was more creative and interactive.

playing together on 365 Project

I also spent a fair bit of today rearranging the girls toys.  During that process I got the dress ups out and put them in our "Play Room", along with the soft toys I put in yesterday.   WHile cleaning I came past and found DD making a birthday party, by putting party hats on all her toys.

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