Sunday, 1 January 2012

365 project or Documenting Delight

I attempted the 365 project last year, but it fell in a heap when I returned to work and life got busy. I was still taking lots of photos, but not every day and I was certainly not getting them uploaded to the internet.
After this gorgeous woman reminded me that it was the 1st of January and introduced me to Documenting Delight I have decided to try again.

The first photo I uploaded to 365 project. It is of Saana trying out her new doona cover, with Maddie "trying to wake her up."

New Blanket on 365 Project

I've also included a close up of the doona to show why I love it so much. Saana has hit that age where she loves all things pink and princess. I have been stalling on buying her a doona because I didn't want disney or anything too pink. I found this at the op-shop yesterday. It has a lovely princess fairy pattern on it, but it is a generic picture/pattern (probably from the late eighties or early nineties) on a plain white background. Very simple, but Saana loves it.

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