Sunday, 15 July 2012

Colour Mixing Bottle

After seeing this activity on my pinterest page my daughter and I decided to make a colour mixing bottle.  
We decided to make yellow and red bottle to make orange.  

First we half filled in the bottle with yellow oil. 

Then we made a mix of red water using edicol dye.  (This was a slight mistake, I made the red colouring much to strong.) 

Then I got my daughter to use a pipette dropper to put the red water into the bottle.  

We watched the red water fall through the oil.  This was an interesting activity in itself.  

I got my daughter to use the pipette because we have been trying to build her finger muscle strength and stamina to help with her writing.   THe photos below show this step.  

When we had put the red water in, we then sealed the bottle. 

It was time to shake and make orange.  Except this didn't work, the red colouring was much to strong and we ended up with a pale red, rather than orange.  

While this activity didn't go just as I planned, both my daughter and I enjoyed the process and we still have the bottle to share our science experiment with visitors. 


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