Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thankful Thursday

Filling our thanks tank.

1) Healthy family.  We have had sickness over the last two weeks, but simple easy to fix sickness and everyone is better now.
2) Family support  - So many people rallied around us when we needed it.
3) Chocolate
4)  Time  _ I"m so grateful to get these end of week days with my girls.
5) My washing machine
6)  My girls love for each other.  It is so lovely to see the playing together again.
7) The girls school - they love going so much and the teachers care about them.
8) Holidays - I'm already looking forward to our holiday in 2 weeks.
9) Lists - I have old lists to help me organise the packing.
10) Friends - online and in real life I love seeing good people care for and help others.

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