Friday, 29 April 2011

craft collage

After being stuck on the computer, while DD2 (who is sick) slept on me I got all inspired.  I read lots of blogs with fun activites to do with kids.   When DD2 woke up, I decided we were going to do SOMETHING.  In the end we just gathered lots of things out of our craft supplies and made collage pictures.
I got out the new beeswax crayons and DD2 had fun chewing them and rolling them around the floor while we cut, stuck and glittered.

A wonderfully messy craft

I thought she had finished, but after I took the photo she kept going.

DD2 "drawing" with her crayons.

I made one too, because I find modelling the activity gets DD more engaged in the activity, and gives her some idea of different things she can do. 

The final product

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