Friday, 29 April 2011

Op Shop Finds

I went to do quick shopping today at our local supermarket and couldn't resist popping into the op shop (Anglicare Open Door, Chapman Shops) 
Here is what I brought

$4  Gingerbread cook book - My MIL makes lots of gingerbread, but I find her recipes hard because of the translations from finnish, so it is nice to have my own.  The recipes look pretty authentic and there are lots of european recipes. 
$5   Denim Dress - Fits DD1 beautifully and will be great for winter with tights and shirt underneath. 
$4  4 White Singlets - For DD1 to wear at night as she has out grown all her others.  I'm planning to tie-dye them so we can tell them apart from DD2's singlets. 
$4  2 children's computer game CD's -  These are very old and I think they will run on my very old laptop that DD2 uses to play.  (update, at least one runs and DD loves it) 
$2  1 children's audio CD - Dance songs that can go on our children's playlists

Total $19 

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